Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Pink Surfboard

Sunlight dances like ballerinas
Off the facets of the sea
The breeze blows salt crystals
Which play through your long hair

Leave your footprints behind
On this smooth, white sand beach
The sea calls for you

Slice through those endless waves
On your little pink surfboard

*I wrote this poem, and had this little pink surfboard with Shiloh's name handmade for my husband, Andreas, for Valentine's Day this year. When I was pregnant with Shiloh, Andreas became an avid surfer and constantly talked about how he wanted to buy Shi a little pink surfboard when she was born so that they could go surfing together. He still thinks and talks about it, and probably will for the rest of our lives. As much as I wish I could bring Shi back, I can't give him the real thing, so I gave him the next best thing. When we move into a bigger place, we're going to have a dedicated area for all things Shiloh, and this board will hang over her photos and other memorabilia.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Big sister

Things have been crazy around the Simon residence lately (for the obvious reasons!) and I feel like I haven't really and truly been able to dedicate time to my angel baby Shi and to thank her (and my dad) for this wonderful gift she's given us. 

I know you have watched, and continue to watch, so carefully over your little sister, Shi, and I feel so grateful to have your strong presence in this way, especially if I can't have you here on earth with me. You are so, so missed, as much as, or even more than (if that's possible!) the day we found out your heart no longer beat with mine. Know that you are talked about every single day. Know that you will continue to live on through not only me, daddy and other people's lives you've touched, but also through your little sister and all of your future siblings. Shalom will know exactly who you are, and she will know just how much you mean to us. She will know that her safe arrival was guided by the hands of her big sister and her grandpa. And she will celebrate your brief, but meaningful life, everyday, just as we do. 

We love you so much, Shi. Nobody will ever replace you or the immense love we feel for you. You are forever our first child, our exquisite angel.