Monday, January 1, 2007

Tasmania - Overland Track Hike

Tasmania, Australia (Dec 2006). Seven days, six nights and 65 km later, Rachel and I defeated The Overland Track in the Tasmanian Cradle Mountain World Heritage Area.

It was an unforgettable physical - you don't know what pain is until you walked with blisters like Rach had - and mental challenge - are we there yet? -, but most of all, an adventure that did not spare with life-long impressions: Hiking through snow on Christmas day, dragging all you need to survive in the wilderness (25 kg each) over mountains, making friends in the various huts along the trail (also with people that snore and smell!), focusing just on life essentials (there is really not that much in life that you need to be happy, and most of it is free), and working together as a team.

After being back in the civilized world we treated ourselves at the Tasmanian Food and Wine Festival in Hobart, a.k.a. "The Taste" (they had real German sausages!), visited the former penal colony of Port Arthur and relaxed at Wine Glass Bay. All in all good times, we'll be back Tassie.


Debbie said...

Sounds like quite an adventure!! And what a fun thing to do as a newly married couple! You've made memories that will last a lifetime.
We love and miss you lots. Can't wait to see you both in February.
Big muahs from Mom & Dad