Friday, June 15, 2007

Sydney: The Sequel

Sydney, Australia (June 2007)- This trip was all work and no play. We had only one mission: to get Andreas' US permanent residency visa, otherwise known as: THE GREEN CARD! They shouldn't even call it a green card anymore though, because HELLO, it's not even green! Anyway, I'll cut to the chase, then give details. As you can see from Andreas' happy face in the photo, our mission was successful. Although, it wasn't an easy process. Loads of forms, many hours of filling out the forms and getting supporting documents, years of my life in stress, and lots of dollar-y-doos later, to be exact. Then, there was... THE INTERVIEW! We flew down to Sydney the day before our interview, the 12th of June at 8am. We spent an hour going through security at the US Consulate and then sat for 3 hours while the couples who cut in front of us on the queue (you queue cutters) got all of their paperwork sorted. When we got up, all of our documents were in order and we were sent to window 7 for our interview. We were asked a few questions and BAM, green card city. California here we come baby!

Diesmal war Sydney mehr Geschäftsreise als Erholungsurlaub, mit dem einzigen Ziel Andreas legalen Aufenthalt in den USA zu ermöglichen. Kurz und knapp: Andreas ist jetzt offiziel 'permanent resident', oder zu Neudeutsch - ständige Aufenthaltsgenehmigung. Pack die Badehose ein, nimm dit kleene Rachelein und nix wie ab nach Kalifornien!