Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Windy City

Chicago, USA (Aug 2007)- Tiring, but very promising. Twelve hours on the plane from Brisbane to L.A., followed by a 7 hour layover and another 4 hours to arrive for a 6 night and 5 day stay in the “Windy CityChicago. As if this is not enough, a short 2 day side-trip to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. And then the whole trip back to Oz again. Pretty nuts, but wait until you hear that I (Andreas) will do this in 2 weeks again. Why? Because Accounting academics love double entries…. Moreover, we love to hear ourselves talk and what better place to do this then the American Accounting Association meetings in Chicago. I was scheduled to give two talks on two of my PhD papers. It went very well and I received some high-quality feedback. I believe I was also victorious in the job search. Many of the universities I interviewed with showed keen interest in my proficiencies and credentials. Along the way, I managed to catch up with a few friends as well popping by University of Michigan to sort out my lecturing for September. All things considered, it was unquestionably a fine start to what will be quite a long stint in the US. Looking forward to it… Yeehaw!
Müde bin ich schon, aber Erfolg kennt keinen Schlaf. 5 Tage war ich auf einer Konferenz in Chicago, um meine Forschungsergebnisse zu präsentieren. Vorstellungsgespräche hab ich auch geführt und einige interessante Arbeitsmöglichkeiten könnten sich durchaus ermöglichen. Anschliessend noch 2 Tage Ann Arbor, Michigan um alles fur meinen post doc und Dozenten job zu regeln. Jetzt noch 2 Wochen Australien und dann das ganze Spiel noch einmal, den im Rechnungswesen macht man alles doppelt!