Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm moving.... AGAIN!

San Diego, California (Sept 2007)- Ok, enough is enough. It's settled. I'm not going anywhere for at least 2 years... I had to rent a 17 foot (5.2 metre) U-haul truck to drive all of my crapola to SB. My brother and I ended up loading the entire thing ourselves (with intermittent help from dad- he tore a muscle in his arm). 25 pieces of heavy furniture, 12 furniture pads and a few thousand bags later, we finish. All up, around 7 hours. When we got to SB, we hired two guys to help us unload.... I still carried things... up two flights of stairs I might add. I'm still sore. My mom, dad, and sister also helped unload, got me settled and took me shopping. They were fantastic. It was tense at times, but overeall, enjoyable; and their help was invaluable. The next goal... a finished house. Stay tuned for house photos once I get all of the stuff off the floor. =)