Saturday, August 23, 2008

Kick the people you love- it's a new sign of affection

The baby's kicking has gotten more and more intense over the past few months (sometimes it actually hurts!) and I wanted to document it. Every night before we go to sleep, she gets real rowdy, especially at her favourite hang out spot, the very right side of my abdomen. So last night, as I was laying on my left side in bed, I made a little video of her. Watch the right side of the frame for some action. I wonder if this is an indicator of things to come...!


Stewart said...

It's alive! Alive!!!!

TheNewSimons said...

Scary huh!?!?

Kiki said...

It is the most indescribable feeling isn't it? One you will never forget. :) I liked Daddy's hand at the end, how sweet!