Monday, June 1, 2009

Seven Months

Seven long months have gone by
Since you’ve left me, I just cry
Your face so vivid- this will never change
Anything about you, I could never estrange
Thinking about you, now, I can have a bit of joy
But this joy is certainly no decoy
Because the pain is still so damn strong
Living without you will always be wrong
But I choose to carry on
With hopes of more children not forgone
I pray so very hard, day after day
For your siblings to come my way
So I can tell them all about you
Perfection, beauty, love- your virtues


Kelly said...

Dear Rach and Andreas,
we think of you and beautiful Shiloh so often. We have so many unspoken wishes for you.
love always

Emily said...

Your beautiful words words always leave me in tears.

I can't help but wonder if baby Shiloh will have a hand in picking out her future siblings?

Love to love you!