Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If he says no, just come to me.

I had a great appointment with my OB this morning. Essentially, she said that if my perinatologist won't do something I think I need to have (for example, a non-stress test before 32 weeks), we will go around him. "If he says no, just come to me"--sweetest sound to my ears. She's willing to do it all- NSTs whenever I want, checking me into the hospital for as long as I want, giving me steroids to help mature the baby's lungs, giving me an amnio at 32 weeks to check lung maturity, helping me go into labor... she's so freaking awesome. I also got my husband to call that administrator and get the DL on my account info and *exactly* how to use the home monitor.

Ah. I've momentarily been put as ease. I can breathe. Thank goodness. I was ready to check myself into the loony bin.


Annie said...

Wonderful news!! I'm so glad your doctor is willing to do whatever it takes to get this baby here safely.

Kellie said...

Oh Rachel..glad you could get some comfort finally. She's the greatest Doctor in every way...such a compassionate person. I was really starting to worry about you & baby girl from your previous post. Please don't drive yourself crazy. I don't want you in the "loony bin" as you said. I'm hear if you ever want to talk or go for a walk or whatever you need to help you on this new journey! x

kate said...

Over from LFCA--

Just wanted to say that I am thrilled that you have an OB who is so willing to do what is necessary to ensure that your daughter arrives safely. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must be to have found that there are cord compressions happening in your current pregnancy-- scary, scary stuff. However, having a doctor who is willing to help you put your mind at ease is just so important, not just for the essential baby protection, but also to help keep your stress levels low by doing everything to help put your mind at ease.

(Oh, and I'm married to a German, too... fun stuff, huh?)

Kiki said...

What a fantastic OB.
She "gets it" doesn't she? Great news!