Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tour de Californie

The world's top recreational riders, Andreas and Rachel, competed over a two-hour, 5-mile race on a route that included the densely populated Santa Barbara bike path along the downtown beach. The high performance racing machine both riders used is the must-have for the pro season 2008, a solid steel framed, 4-wheeled, convertible beach buggy. The two man breakaway, initiated by Rachel and executed by Andreas, took off early in the stage, leaving families, old folks and other oversized competitors behind, and helped the riders to an overall comfortable win of the tour. The official drug screening results are still outstanding, but both riders assure that a monster cookie sunday was all they used during training season. 


Stewart said...

That's a seriously pimped-out ride! When are you two going to fill the little seats on the front?