Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My birthday!

Today was my 28th birthday (gawd I'm getting up there...). It was fun, for the most part. Andreas and I got up early to have a nice brekky at Sambos downtown. We walked around a bit afterwards, as Andreas was very eager to buy me a little birthday something. He kept saying how extremely generous he was feeling, as I continually kept rejecting the idea of a birthday present (no, I am not insane thank you- the reason being we still have lots of baby stuff to get and have already spent a small fortune!). However, I got a surprise. We came back to the car to find a birthday parking ticket in our window (this was the not-so-fun part, if you haven't deduced- I also had to work for 4 hours, which didn't help!). So, if I didn't want a birthday present before, I REALLY don't want one now! I can't think of a bigger waste of $41. Anyhow, I couldn't tear Andreas's thoughts away from at least treating me to a nice dinner; so we went back to our favourite steak house- Ruth Chris. Again, if you haven't been- please do the world a favour, and go! It's yummy. They also gave me an amazing chocolate explosion cake for birthday dessert, loaded with vanilla ice cream, injected with oozing chocolate ganache and drizzled in caramel. Need I say more?