Monday, September 15, 2008

Pregnancy update

Well, things are certainly moving along rather quickly. I'm already 34 weeks tomorrow and am getting ever bigger! My total weight gain to date is 28 pounds on the dot... not too bad, although I still have at least 4, if not 6, full weeks to go. Keep the poundage comin'!

Symptoms (I've omitted the ones you probably don't want to know about!): 
Luckily I am not feeling as tired as I was in my first trimester, but have a little fatigue
Fainty feeling in the morning for about an hour (probably due to my body trying to catch up from having not eaten in 8-10 hours- protein seems to work for this)
Little bit of hip/back pain from waddling everywhere (I guess my hips are spreading?!)
Trouble taking deep breaths (this sucks when it comes time for beddy-by)

We've been attending a prepared childbirth series over the last month and have a few more classes to go. We are also attending a child CPR class and a baby basics class to learn how to hold, bathe, dress the baby, etc. Andreas went to a three hour "Dad's Bootcamp" on Saturday and learned all about fatherhood. In addition, we've chosen a doula to attend the birth as I'd like to try and go as naturally as possible, and feel like she could help mediate between Andreas/me and the nurses/doctor (who sometimes do whatever they want to your body without first notifying you). If you aren't familiar with the work of doulas, they greatly benefit the mom in her birthing experience both psychologically and physically.

The nursery is almost finished. We ordered a mattress, but of course it was defective, so we are waiting on the new one. The crib, dresser and changing table have all been replaced (long story) and are set up in their respective spots with tiny clothes already ubiquitous. We've hung a shelf for baby books, have a clothes giraffe, and got a little toy chest for the closet. Now we just have to wash all the clothes and bedding and put the carseat in the car and I think we're set. I'll take video/photos of the finished product in a few weeks. We are going to be parents soon... it's still so surreal. 


Stewart Macdonald said...

I can't believe that in only 4 - 6 weeks you're going to have a tiny little being burst forth from you!


TheNewSimons said...

That makes two of us!!!