Saturday, October 4, 2008

Santa Barbara Baby Shower

It really is coming down to the nitty-gritty now. Today was not only truly my last baby class (PEP baby basics- where the best part was a mom showing us how to bathe her REAL 5 week old son!), but also my second and my last baby shower. And it really was a shower because it actually rained in SB... nothing short of a miracle. Courtney, Sara and Sarah hosted a fantastic shower- complete with entertaining baby/pregnancy games, adorable presents, healthy finger foods and delicious homemade cupcakes and caramel/chocolate covered pretzels. What good friends they are. We had so much fun. Hopefully I can spend a bit more "child-free" time with them in the coming weeks.

Speaking of which, I have now reached 37 weeks, or will have on Tues coming. I could give birth any day now and it would be considered term (37-41.5 weeks is term). It's also only 26 days until my due date of Oct 30th. This is such a trip, but we are over the moon! Stay tuned for photos/video of the finished nursery...