Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A letter about your mommy

The day we found out that we were pregnant with you, your mommy started reading tons of books to make sure she could do everything possible to bring you into this world happy and healthy. She stopped eating food she liked because it was not good for you, she got lots of rest to make sure you had enough energy to grow, and still she managed to work, study and take care of other people around her. Yes, your mommy is the most loving, loyal, focused, and caring person I know in the whole world.

She wanted to meet you so badly, and so did I; so badly that we could not stop talking and dreaming about you. I know you know all this because you were with her for an incredible nine months. I know how happy you must have been inside of her, hearing her voice, experiencing her moves, and feeling her warmth. She was certainly the happiest person on earth, and I would do anything to bring this happiness back into her life.

All she wanted was to take care of you, to watch you grow up with us, and to be a mommy to you. But she can only do that in her heart now. Shiloh, your mommy is such a fighter. Even when she was told that you fell asleep inside of her, she wanted to give you the birth that you deserved. I have never seen a stronger person in my life. She loves you so much, that she would have done anything not to hurt you.

You would be 6 weeks old today, and everyday without you breaks your mommy’s heart. She doesn’t want to live without you, but she knows daddy needs her so much. Yes Shiloh, your mommy is a fighter. She will not give up and you can be so proud of her.