Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother of an Angel Day

This is my first Mother’s Day
With no bubbly daughter to show
How wrong it feels with no earthly child
This, some may never know

But for those of you who can understand
My heart goes out to you
For we are the most unfortunate ones
With that, no one can argue

Yet mothers we are, nonetheless
We gave birth to a wonderfully perfect baby
They are with us in heart, in spirit
About this, there is no maybe

We love them dearly, forevermore
And no one can take this away
In saying this, I wish all you mommies
A bittersweet, Happy Mother’s Day


Kiki said...


I was thinking of you all week leading up to yesterday. Of course I normally think of you often... but this week especially because I can relate with you as a mother.

You are a beautiful and compassionate mother!

Much love.