Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shiloh's Tattoo

So, the special significance of the forget-me-not flowers in the Mother’s Day bouquet Emily gave me, is because of my tattoo, or more rightly, Shiloh’s tattoo. Both Andreas and I got Shiloh memorial tattoos last Saturday (May 9), after 6 months of thinking about them. We wanted them to be extra special. So, I drew mine- a few stems with forget-me-not flowers on them. There are a few legends about what forget-me-not flowers represent, but the overall theme is pretty self explanatory- love and tragic fate- the epitome of Shiloh. We will never forget her. But there is more to it. I worked her birthdate, October, 28, 2008, or 10/28/08, into the drawing. There are 10 stems (or rudimentary stems), 28 petals (5 on each flower and 3 closed flowers with only one petal showing) and 8 flowers.

Andreas’s tattoo is the tree of life into which I worked 10 branches, 28 roots and 8 falling leaves. I will post a photo of his soon.


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