Friday, October 1, 2010

Non-stress testing is so stressful

I started my non-stress testing today at the peri's office. It's pretty much exactly like the home monitoring I do at night, except she also does an ultrasound to look at amniotic fluid levels. I asked her to look at the cord as well (which is what I care about the most). Long story short, the nurse seems not to know her ass from her elbow. She attempted to evade my questioning with smiles and positivity. I let her off easy. This time. I feel so frustrated. Silly me. I thought I'd get more comfort from these weekly tests. I can't seem to catch a break. Or maybe my expectations of the medical community are just too high. Whatever it is, I'm so tired. 

*On a positive note, I've been feeling kinda sexy lately. Sexy at 30 and at 30 weeks. I'm trying to come up with one positive thing a day, however small. Here's mine for last week and for next: sexiness. Check me out. Bow chicka bow wow.


Jill said...

You look wonderful!

Jammin' with the Jacobsens said...

I just found your blog yesterday and read it entirely. I am so saddened and found myself so angry tht this would happen. I questioned God asking him 'why?'. I was then reminded that God's plan is perfect. And while we may not understand here in Earth, it will make perfect sense when we meet Him (& Shiloh) in Heaven. Know I am praying for you and this baby girl in your tummy. I pray you can enjoy this pregnancy, although I completely understand your 'baby steps' way of thinking. I cannot wait to open your blog in 20 weeks and see pix of your beautiful baby girl, Shiloh's little sister. Even though we have never met, I am here if there is anything I could possibly do to help, please let me know.
Love in Christ,

Annie said...

How awful that the non-stress test didn't help lower your stress level. You could probably do a better job of the ultrasound yourself. Wouldn't it be great to have your own ultrasound machine just like Tom Cruise's wife?

Kiki said...

HOT mama!

The New Simons said...

Thank you for your comments ladies! I love reading them! Xoxo

PS. Yes, Annie- my husband and I often talk about how smart Tom Cruise was to get Katie an ultrasound machine. If only I could afford one!