Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Drowning in the Ocean

I want to swim away from myself
But I can’t seem to find my arms and legs
Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in the ocean
No life preserver, no snorkel gear, no scuba diving regs

Let the waves come crashing down
Wash over me, give me finality
Let it clear me of my pain, absolve me
Take me away from this harsh reality

I’m weighted down by all my sorrow
I scramble to keep my head above water
Do I surrender or do I struggle
There’s only one way I’ll see my daughter

It’s such a cold and lonely place
Frigid water seeps into my nose and ears
My body aches for solid ground
Instead I’m left here to drown in my fears

But I forge ahead, I look around directionless
No guiding light to bring me home
I search for anything, a sound, an object
In perpetual darkness I’m left to roam

There is no happy ending to this, I know
More pain and torture is certain
I’m treading for my life in vain
Forever trapped behind this dark, heavy curtain