Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Yin and the Yang

Just like the Yin and the Yang
My emotions are complimentary opposites
My world was so airy
So light when I was pregnant with you
Without you, my world is heavy
Occluded in such darkness
Breathing came so easily to me
Expansion, contraction
Expansion, contraction
But now, breathing is so difficult
Pull, push
Pull, push
I was so rich
So fulfilled to have you in my life
Now I’m so poor
So empty because you are gone
I was moving forward
So dynamic
Now I feel stagnant
Unable to change
But for others, life continues on
Because I love you wholeheartedly
I feel despair
Depression for having lost you
There was so much pleasure
Now only pain
And just like the yin and the yang
Everything that lives
Must die
However early
But in every end
I believe
I pray
There must be a new beginning…