Friday, February 2, 2007

Sydney mate!

Sydney, Australia (Jan 2007)- Ah refreshing Sydney. Sometimes it's nice to get away from small town Brisbanites and hang out with the big league Sydneysiders. The culture, fast pace, good restaurants, but people are just a little less friendly... except if they are trying to get your husband to work for their university!!! I was actually treated like a queen! Free flights, free five star hotel, free breakfasts and lunches, free museum passes, free internet-- it was a grand experience. On Andreas's day off, we went to Manly Beach (finally!). It was absolutely beautiful and had great ice cream and great shopping.

Other notable activities were: watching Andreas's financial accounting presentation at UTS (he kicked some academic ass!)-- he took the spot of the Wharton School of Business academic that was refused from Australia because he didn't get a visa (that's a bloody nightmare), reading at many a cafe, walking around Darling Harbour and Circular Quay, and trying to apply for Andreas's US permanent residency visa and after 30 minutes of trying to get through tight-assed security, getting told that the US changed their policy last week-- they are no longer accepting applications in Australia (BUGGER).

After that debacle, I can't remember what else we did! But we come to Sydney often, so it's all starting to blur anyway! All in all, it was another successful and entertaining trip. But if we do end up moving there... it will definitely be North Sydney... no way I could live in the city!