Sunday, April 8, 2007

Blues and Roots Festival

Byron Bay, Australia (Apr 2007)- We jammin', jammin' at the Blues and Roots Festival in Byron Bay. This is Australia's answer to Woodstock, a 5-day celebration of 'rooting' the Blues. Rachel and I went down to New South Wales for a day to soak up the vibe and boost our resume of things accomplished in life- 'yesterday's flower children are today's business leaders'. You say, but a festival needs rain and mud- I say, it never rains on Australia's East Coast, but it sure bucketed down when we were there. Although we did not get a chance to take our clothes off and go mud sliding, we certainly felt the '69 vibe. You say, a festival needs a great line-up of artists- I say, John Butler Trio, John Mayer, Joss Stone, Bonnie Raitt, Fat Freddy's Drop, The Roots, Wolfmother, Ben Harper, Fishbone, etc.- beat that. You say, drugs and alcohol- I say, I haven't heard of any study showing a correlation between second-hand cannabis smoke and getting high, but the shit was everywhere man! You say, what about free love- I say, well let's put it in the words of Jimi Hendrix "You know you are a cute little heartbreaker - Foxy (Rachel) lady".