Sunday, May 13, 2007

Byron Bay Triathlon

Byron Bay, Australia (May 2007)- On Saturday, May 12th 2007, we courageous athletes competed in the Byron Bay Triathlon as a team. Nick (a friend doing a study abroad from UMich) did the 1.5km swim in the cold, surging Pacific Ocean, Andreas did the 40km undulating and windy bike ride, and Rach did the excruitiating 10km run with a cramp the intensity of a large California earthquake. It was great fun. We had the pleasure of being lapped multiple times by the elite triathletes, eating both their dust and their sweat. But, more importantly, we made a few upsets in the Team category. Nick coming in 1 second after Andreas' PhD advisor, Pete Clarkson (Pete: "You're not supposed to be here yet"), Andreas showing Pete the back lights on his bike (Pete: "When did you get in"; A:"3 minutes ago"- laying on the grass stretching; Pete: "Bullshit!!!"); and Rach with enough time to shake hands with the crowd (the little boys loved me!), enjoy a few drinks of water at a walking pace, and still going under one hour. We kicked some major butt. I (Rach) especially enjoyed watching people's bums bounce up and down on the run (sarcasm)! And to all of you older men out there who think you can still (or ever!) pull off wearing budgie smugglers (banana hammocks, sluggos, dick togs, lollybags, or the more common- speedos)... please don't do it while competing in a triathlon, or any other sport for that matter!!! YUCK! This is something I believe I could have lived without seeing. It's just all the bouncing... Ach.