Sunday, March 4, 2007


California and Michigan, USA (Feb 2007) - Ah, the good ole' US of A. It's always so refreshing when we go back to the US, especially California! Seeing family and friends is the most rewarding part of our trips, although shopping comes in at a close second! I did nothing special this trip except hang out with the fam (here we are at Carvel!), however Andreas was awarded a University of Queensland Travel Grant to do some of his PhD work at the University of Michigan. Lovely Ann Arbor, Michigan was, for the most part, -29 degrees Fahrenheit and snowing. That's quite a steep jump considering when we left Brisbane in late January, it was 100 degrees!!! Well, I'm glad I wasn't there to freeze my butt off with him! Now we are back in snuggly warm Brissy. Back to life, back to reality. Peace out.