Friday, February 29, 2008

Cali's got a new water baby

Santa Barbara, CA (Feb 2008)- Andreas has taken a new position with the state of California. Amateur surfer. Check him out ladies... 

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Santa Barbara, CA (Feb 2008)- After 4 brutal hours of Oceanopoly, the landscape of commercial ocean real estate investments has been re-shaped. Not even foul tricks like: stealing sand dollars from the bank, or giving her seahorses the order to swim through low tide, were able to rescue The Rachel "Rockefeller" Group from drowning. The Andreas "Trump" Organization now owns all pieces of high-end ocean real estate (e.g. Blue Whale and Manatee) and makes him the undisputed Oceanopolist. Although the sea was not always calm for Dr. Andreas "Trump", setbacks like loosing the mermaid beauty contest against Mrs. Rachel "Rockefeller"made him all the more determined to take control of the lucrative ocean real estate market. Dr. Andreas "Trump" who grew up on noisy and crowded city streets said it was his childhood dream to make the beach accessible to everyone ....who pays...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

San Diego for Jay's 30th Birthday

San Diego, CA (Feb 2008)- Andreas and I went down to San Diego for the weekend to celebrate my brother Jason's 30th birthday. He rented out a room at this great little wine place in Hillcrest called Wine Steals. We thought it was also a "coming out" party (Hillcrest is the gay district of SD), but it turns out that it was the polar opposite, in fact, he invited 1 of his 4 girlfriends!!! We also celebrated too early on Sunday morning by going to the yummy buffet brunch at the oceanfront restaurant at the Hotel Del Coronado. Finally, we are all together and are able to update our 6-year old family photos!!! As usual, we thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the family and look forward to our next excursion to SD.