Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Duality of my Heart

Here's another poem I wrote (Dec 1997) for my english class. I'm actually shocked at how emotionally deep I was back then!

 One woman, one heart.
A heart with two chambers.
Two chambers that contradict each other with a simple word.
The left always yearning for completion and
the right always begging for spontaneity.

Both chambers like two novices
contained in one heart.
Competing for recognition and
for popularity.

One strongly pensive in reason and
constant in decision
believing only in practicality.
While the other, filled with impulsive unrestraint and initiative.

Both deriving from the same heart,
but overwhelmed by different passions.
One chamber exclaims,
look deep inside,
to another’s aching heart.
The other shouts,
all that matters is displayed on the outside.

They beat as one,
yet in spirit,
are two different entities.

Together, striving to live in harmony;
to survive.
Knowing that they are unable to function without the other,
They settle.

They make this woman whole.


Jill said...

That is so deep. I love your poems!