Friday, December 11, 2009

Ode to Bear

(Photo courtesy of Emily Hoke)
This is an ode to my puppy, Bear, who has been with us since shortly after Shiloh passed away (we got him in mid Nov 2008). I never once have mentioned him publicly, because I didn’t want people to think that I was trying to replace my daughter with a dog (by the way, Shiloh will never be replaced, not by any animal or another child). But I have decided it’s time to dedicate a post to Bear, who’s really been my and Andreas’s savior over the past year.

Bear, you claim to be a dog
But are you really?
There’s so much ‘person’ in your personality
At times you act so queerly
You’re a cheeky little bugger
Always doing something naughty
Chewing socks, chucking rocks
Looking at me haughtily
But all these things I can forgive
For you have been my savior
I yell at you and cry on you
Even when you’re on your best behavior 
I know you don’t understand any of this
But mommy and daddy are very sad
We’ve lost our only daughter
As well as Lou, your grandpa and my dad
But you have been my constant outlet
I don’t know what I’d do without you
For loneliness, sadness, hurt and love
And my mothering instincts too
So thank you for being you, Bear
Always the perfect fur baby
I owe you for my life thus far
About this there is no maybe


Malory said...

He is so cute. We have a six year old son & when we lost Janessa we had a strange urge to go get a puppy. We thought we were losing it. If we had our own home we would have. He must bring some happiness to you that you def need.

Emily said...

Your ode made me tear up.

There is love enough for everybody. Bear would never replace your girl.

He's an *angel* (and rascal) in his own right.

Dogs really live in the moment, a great lesson for us all.

nikkiann said...

This made me lean over and give our doggie an extra cuddle - fur babies are such a gift and they are so devoted, even when we are crazy and they don't understand why... yay for bear - he is adorable :)

cherryblossoms said...

I love how the light shines in his fur- what a cutie! Little Bear!
I got Evangeline after we lost Wyatt and I must admit she helped me so much. Definitely not a replacement but she added some love to my life. She follows me everywhere.