Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Light up a Life 2009

This Sunday, December 6th, Hospice of Santa Barbara had their annual Light up a Life at the Labero Theater to remember those that we’ve lost. As last year, I hung a star for baby Shiloh and a star for my dad, Lou, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer in March. The dominant feelings were those of immense sadness and surrealism: I can't believe I'm putting a star on a tree to represent the lives of my daughter and my father. It's just so tragic and so very heartbreaking. This year was even harder because Andreas wasn't here to support me. Or I should say, we weren't together to support each other. I just have this nagging question running through my head day after day.... Why is life so damn cruel?


Jill said...

I find myself asking that same question! It looks like Light up a Life was a lovely way to honor your dad and girl.


Kellie said...

Thank you for being there for us to lean on.