Friday, October 9, 2009


My world has been flipped
Right side up is now upside down
So what was once a smile
Is now just a frown

Nothing good that happens
Changes the way I feel
My emotions are strongholds
The deal for me is sealed

Why did you leave me? 
We only had a short time
With you in my belly
I was in my prime

Could you feel my happiness?
My joy at every kick?
I was so gleeful gaining weight
I even relished being morning sick

Did I do something wrong?
Should I have been even more attentive?
You were supposed to come out healthy
There was so much incentive

But I know we’re good parents
I feel it in all we do
Therapy, art, websites, poems
It’s all because we miss you

I wish we didn’t have to do this
You should be here in my arms
Flirting, smiling, cooing, giggling
Showing me that Simon charm

I still dream about you everyday
Almost two years in the making
Every detail of you I vividly remember
My effort to retain is almost painstaking

Forever in my heart and mind
You’ll be ‘til the end of days
We’ll be reunited again I’m sure
After walking through life’s harsh maze

-Your Mommy misses you baby girl- kisses to the sky...