Sunday, October 18, 2009

A letter to Shiloh from Emily

 The candle Emily and Andrew lit for Shiloh on Oct 15th.

I absolutely love this letter that Em wrote to Shiloh for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day... it's so pure and so sweet.
Little Miss Shiloh J. Simon,

I am so sorry we never got to officially meet. Still, somehow, I feel we've been acquainted.  I saw you make your mama round and happy--you were the beauty in your mother's smile, her light bouncy step. I saw you in the pride and sparkle in your father's eyes. You were created with love and in their love you shine eternally.

The ocean is a place of peace and healing--but also a powerful, awe-inspiring force that evokes emotion. Your parents are ocean people. Your dad catches waves in the sea while your mom walks along the shore and carves your name in the sand. I don't doubt you'd be a beach baby.

Tonight the many people who remember you are lighting candles in your honor. In my makeshift memorial I looked for things that made me think of you. Two shells plucked from the Santa Barbara shoreline. A plumeria blossom, like the flowers your mom picks up off of the sidewalk, posts on your website, or pins her hair.  The sweet perfection of nature.

I saw you in a painting from a friend that hangs on my wall.  The pink of your stunning nursery is reflected in the coral sunlit sky.  I can't help suspect you'd be a fun balance of tomboy and girly-girl a lot like your mama is.  A girl on the edge of the sea, looking out into the waves, strong and beautiful.  Shiloh, you aren't forgotten.

Much love,

(*Auntie Em*)


Emily said...

I'm honored.

Love to love you!