Sunday, October 11, 2009


I am barely breathing
Lately, I can’t find the air
Since you’ve up and left me
My smiles have become so rare

Where am I, who am I?
Now that you’re no longer here
My identity and path in life
Have become so unclear

I miss being happy
I miss being so carefree
These are just a few things
That used to define me

I was never depressed
Or disheartened with life
I never felt much stress
Or have been in much strife

So much has changed
Since your heart failed to beat
Now life is dark and bitter
Instead of light and sweet

The tears come and go
With no further warning
I’d no idea it was so hard
To be in a state of mourning

Grief is hard work
Especially for my lost daughter
It knocks the breath out of me
And that’s a tall order

Never again will I feel whole
A chunk of my being- missing
Without you here with us
It’s just daddy and I- reminiscing 


Jill said...

So true and sad...


Kellie said...

Beautiful & so accurate...I love your poems. xx