Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Year Without Shiloh (Oct 28th)- From Kellie

Photo courtesy of Kristen Papac
Another one of my incredible friends, Kellie- mama to Remi- wrote this poem for Shiloh's first birthday. What a strong, compassionate woman. 
You are missed dearly
Every moment of each day
You have touched so many lives
In a very positive way

I feel as if I know you
Although we haven’t even met
Your parents describe you beautifully
So no one will forget

You picked the perfect Mom and Dad
To share your pure life with
They cherish you with all they have
You are their ultimate gift

They etched you on their bodies
A permanent reminder
To show how proud of you they are
Their precious heavenly daughter

It’s been a year without your presence
Each day knowing what is missing
I know that you’ll soon come back
Until then…we’ll all keep wishing

You may be a girl or a boy
We don’t know what you will choose
To finally complete your journey
With Rachel and Andreas who love you

Little Angel Shiloh
Will you please take Remi’s hand
To help guide each other home…
Back to us again