Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Your First Birthday

Photo courtesy of Kristen Papac
Today is your first birthday
And I’m feeling really numb
I can’t believe it’s been a year
Since the day that you have come

At 1.18 pm, you were brought into this world
A bundle of joy much anticipated
Your future planned way ahead of time
Because a whole 10 months we had waited

We were meant to have loads of good times
Together- talking, laughing, playing
Recording your monthly milestones
Your weight, height and things you were saying

I ache for these things every day
For my arms to be heavy with your weight
To change your diapers, to breastfeed you
And sleep in with you ‘til late

My intense joy and love for you
To everyone- I always declare
All things that encompass you
I feel compelled to share

Not a day goes by without you, Shiloh
Always on the forefront of my mind
I think, talk, write, and cry for you
Our lives are forever intertwined

My heavenly baby angel
For eternity you will be
As I see you in all earthly creatures
Insects, flowers, and even our lemon tree

So happy first birthday to you- love of my life
And just so you don’t get a stomachache
You and all the other angel babies  
Need to take it easy on your birthday cake!

-Love your mommy


Jill said...

So beautiful!

Happy birthday Shiloh!


Franchesca Cox said...

This is lovely, missing your Shiloh with you. Happy first birthday, Shiloh!


Kiki said...

Wonderful sentiments... I am so honored you chose to use one of my photos today.

Happy Birthday, dear Angel Shiloh!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Shiloh! Don't listen to your mum, Birthdays are all about scoffing cake and feeling ill :)