Monday, October 19, 2009

Strange Happenings

The book I found at the swap shop
As usual, I was inspired by someone else’s experiences (Allison, this time!) to write about some of the weird, coincidental things that have been occurring since I had Shiloh last year.  I’ll start with the most distant experience.

1)    During a pertinent part of the ceremony at my father’s funeral in March (where the Rabbi was talking about how much my father loved his family), I was hit in the head by TWO leaves simultaneously (and it wasn’t even windy!). Dad and Shiloh were together and this was his way of telling me.

2)   A month or so after Shiloh passed, my friend Kristen said she kept seeing a tricycle with Shiloh’s name on it around our housing complex. She hasn’t seen it in a while, but if she does, this time she’ll snap a photo of it.

3)   I’ve been repeatedly followed and accosted by many different types of insects since December. Bees, fruit flies, spiders, butterflies- you name it… They are even around when there is no other insect in sight. It’s crazy!

4) The girl I asked to do my memorial Forget-me-not tattoo with Shiloh's birthday incorporated into the drawing, has the same birthday as Shiloh- 10/28. I was having doubts about letting her do it, but when I found this out, I realized that it was meant to be. 

5) I took Bear, our puppy, to the farmer’s market with me last month. He saw a dog that he really wanted to play with, so he was pulling against his leash and whining like I’ve never seen before. I couldn’t figure out what was so special about the other doggie. Finally, I walked him over so he could play with her.  Well, I got my answer as to why she was so special- the dog’s name was Shiloh.

6)   Allison (Christian’s mommy) has been seeing a white butterfly nearly everyday when she takes her dogs for a walk. A few days ago, Shiloh somehow popped into her head when she woke up that morning. She thought about her and Christian playing together. As she walked outside with her dogs that morning, the white butterfly (Christian) was dancing around her head and then met up with another white butterfly (Shiloh). They danced around each other playfully. This was our babies playing together.

7)  I was taking Bear for a walk yesterday morning past the swap shop in our housing complex (the swap shop is an empty apartment where people can leave things they don’t want and take things that they do) and as I was walking by staring at a huge pile of junk and books, a small, thin book on the tippy top of the heap caught my eye. It was a birthday book. The birthday was October 28th- Shiloh’s birthday. It totally gave me the chills. 

I love getting these signs from Shiloh. They are so special. I think it’s her way of telling me that she is ok, that things with us are going to be ok.


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